Behind the elderberry

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Welcome to Hudson Valley Elderberry Co., my name is Heather Rodriguez and I am the owner and founder of this amazing business.  However, before Elderberry, I am a wife and momma to three beautiful children.  Many people ask why and how I got started making Elderberry Syrup. Since 2012 I've been searching for natural ways to boost my family's immune system.  My oldest, Sophia suffered from cold induced respiratory complications since the age of three months old.  When she was three years old, I was introduced to essential oils and that's where my journey began with a more holistic approach to wellness.  Although essential oils have drastically improved our quality of life, I found myself still searching for something cost effective, not store bought, that I could give my family to build their immune system. A friend of mine started a business in the state of Florida, Winnie's Elderberry Co., and I was anxious to try her natural Elderberry syrup instead of giving my family the gummies I had purchased at Target. She stated she wasn't in the shipping stages and encouraged me to try making it myself and see where it  would take me in New York.  To this day I am forever grateful for showing me the ropes and her amazing support! I decided to make the syrup for my family and immediately started seeing amazing benefits from the syrup after ingesting it daily as immune support.  Not only is elderberry syrup amazing for your immune system and assists in shortening the lifespan of an illness, but it also helped with my children's allergies! When the flu didn't strike my home even though it was EVERYWHERE, I became a believer. I felt so empowered as a mother having the ability to give my family something so good for their body that actually worked! That's where my passion for elderberry began and the beginning of what is now Hudson Valley Elderberry Co.  I am honored to serve your family and to bring the best quality, all-natural immune support for you and your family!  

2 Chronicles 7:14


We promise to deliver you a quality product EVERY SINGLE TIME. We pride ourselves in using the very best quality ingredients that you will love! Our desire is to help support an already perfectly designed immune system created by God.


Our product cannot guarantee that you will not get the flu, common cold, or any other sickness.  We can state that our product will aid in boosting your immune system to shorten the life of the illness, in the event you do get sick.